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Hello! If you're here that means you wanna get your hands on a physical copy of this shit. Well we're doing this zine-style. I'm providing the files, it's left to you to do the printing. Feel free to make a bunch of copies and give em to people who you think would like to read it but please be chill about it.

There are some conditions on page 1-1b I'd appreciate if you followed. The long and short of it is don't alter the pages, don't sell them, and gimme credit for my art please.

I tried to make it easy for you. Conversely for me this was an enormous pain and made me feel like a total dumbass. If you find anything wrong with these pages you gotta tell me so I can fix it.

Look over here:
- formatted for letter-size paper (8.5" x 11") or A4
- I recommend using heavier paper cuz there's a lot of ink on some of these pages
- print front and back according to the page titles. for example 1a is the front and 1b is the back, 2a and 2b are the front and back of the next sheet
- most printers don't do edge to edge. what this means is you'll have a white margin around the page...you gotta shrink to fit or some other printer settings to make sure nothing gets cut off.
- how to staple: [https://www.wikihow.com/Staple-a-Booklet] basically lay the pages in a stack face-down on a piece of cardboard, staple through with the top of a stapler, and bend the staple closed on the other side yourself. all you need is a normal stapler and piece of cardboard or something.

That's all I got. Thanks everyone-


"Yes I'm using the office printer for work-related purposes only. No, you can't see what I'm printing. These are just spreadsheets..."

Can't wait to have these on paper, I love zines and am glad you're keeping the tradition alive!
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nothing better than a free zine from a punk show!
This is something that really pushes me to have a laser printer again. My hardworking friend and over a decade old brother laser printer died last month attempting to print out a picture of Jeff Goldblum. It printed tens of thousands of pages of documents, manuals, pranks, threats, Jeff Goldblum, just whatever.

I really miss that printer, just again now with seeing this Zine available I once again feel that urge to "Oh just print that shit up" but then.... Oh... I cant.

But when the day come comes that I can restart my personal printing press, this Zine will enter the regular printing of media that I Leave, Hand Out, Donate, Relinquish, Litter, Bequeath to my zip code.
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I fear Jeff Goldblum's power